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About Riffbird

RIFFBIRD GmbH is a performance- and result-oriented Digital Marketing Agency.
We do not focus on traditional “Online Marketing”, but rather we specialise in creating long-lasting marketing strategies and systems to help you gain sustainable results.
Our focus here lies in producing transparent and measurable work. This special mindset allows us to achieve high-quality and long-lasting results for our customers and projects.


Digital Strategy Development

To promote a product or a service you DO NOT just need marketing, but rather a profound shift in your thinking process! Simple online marketing only works for a small number of interested customers, who already have experience- all other customers need to be guided through the process and steered to a complete purchase/booking! Every business has specific challenges and hurdles to overcome. That is why it is even more important to create a tailor-made and well thought out marketing strategy, which will serve as a guide, reliably leading to the right actions at the right time.

Realization of the digital strategy

What can the best strategy in the world give you, if you do not have the tools to bring it to life? Nothing. Our operations team will take care of the entire process, from plan to realization.

We will deal with all aspects of the execution for you: copyrighting, funnel building, smoke-tests as well as follow-up marketing through diverse messenger services. We are experts in all of these fields and will help you create and execute your marketing strategy.


We guide companies through digital decisions as well as strategy questions. You can use this service in several ways.
Normally we will guide our clients, and hopefully this will soon include you, through the whole creation process from start to finish where, true to our motto, results will always be the number one priority.


Schooling for companies, executives and complete teams in digital marketing. Real, reliable and high-quality information on marketing is hard to find. Though general information is easy to obtain these days through Google etc. – in the end, it takes experts like us to help customers filter out the right and important information to suit their needs.


Lasting Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sustainability is important for us in every project we work on and if you are talking about digital sustainability, you cannot forget about search engine optimization (SEO). Here, we place tremendous importance on the creation and development of high-quality performance content, which does not just have an impact on search engines, but impresses users/customers in particular.

Our mission

We believe that, by itself, even a great product can only be successful in a limited way without a proper marketing strategy or with a marketing strategy that is not up to-date.This is why we have made it our primary aim to help companies reach sustainable and amazing results with our futuristic and data-oriented marketing strategy.

What separates us from others.

  • We are part of a worldwide network of leading performance experts representing their respective branches, which allows us to create the lasting strategies of tomorrow.


  • With the help of our own research software we can define successful marketing strategies that are relevant to your business, as well as testing them and incorporating them into your own personal marketing strategy.


  • So that you do not waste precious time, we establish whether or not a hype is truly worthwhile for your company.


  • It is important for us to tackle things with tried- and tested methods but also by applying new and innovative marketing strategies to make sure that you will maximize your potential.


„We don’t focus on traditional online marketing we rather specialize in creating!“

Meet the founders

Bernd Leitsoni

CEO & Co-Founder
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Patrick Schoepfer

CEO & Co-Founder
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